.color blind.

black and white. gray scale. yes and yes. but color? never!

for a long time i lived inbetween the scales of pure black and pure white. not only in my art, but in my dress and also in the way i took metal pictures of things i saw around me. i was scared of color. scared of creating something that involved color and all the doors that would open! i had explored color, a la distance, through the color theory class that was thrust upon my monochromatic soul in my time as an art student; so i understood the technical aspect of compliments and the color wheel, but it seemed to be so much more than that. not only that but i wanted my life to have the gracefulness and simplicity that black and white offered. it took away all the distractions and complications. it allowed me to hide in a way. hide behind choices to make, hide from expression of another kind.

recently, though, my eyes were open- so to speak- to the beautiful and never ending world of color. be it rgb or cmyk i am exploring it all. granted i still have definite preference to my new friends. none of this pastel stuff for me. i like the intensity of dark, yet bright, jewel tones. such as mustard, midnight purple and dark teal. i like things and colors that look like they are worn out, exhausted, done. colors that say "i have been here forever and can tell you the craziest things, just lend me your ear."

yesterday on my walk home i counted every color i saw. i had to stop when i reached 89 cause i lost track of what i had already seen!

all this is not to mean that i have laid to rest my dear friend the b&w, i am just accepting the thought and exploration of a new friend. and my ramblings are done, i was just so pleased with myself for opening up to this new world of COLOR!



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